View/Download 2024 Membership Application

I am a current member, do I need to fill out a new application every year?

All renewing members are required to submit a completed application along with their dues payment each year. Don't forget to sign the new waiver on the back of the application.

Where do I get an application form?

Applications are available in the Games Shack. Application forms may also be downloaded and printed from our website - click here to view/download the form.

What do I do with my completed application form?

Forms, along with your payment, may be placed in the membership mailbox in the Shack or mailed to the address on the application form.

I am a Village Resident but Laguna Woods is not my home club. Do I still need to pay the full Resident dues?

All Resident members are expected to pay the full dues whether or not Laguna Woods is their home club.

When are applications due?

Resident members may submit their applications at any point but we ask that they be submitted as soon as possible. The Board will set a date in 2024 when your name tag will be removed from the Shack if you have not renewed. We will inform all non-renewing Resident members before this action is taken. 

Non-Resident members had until January 1, 2024 to submit their applications and payment in order to maintain priority for membership. Applications will be approved as we reach sufficient numbers of Resident renewals to adhere to the 20% limit set by the Golden Rain Foundation, which governs clubs at Laguna Woods Village. 

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