Village Games 2023

The Village Games are a month-long annual competition for Laguna Woods Village residents organized by the Golden Rain Foundation.  

For 2023, eighteen players (10 men, 8 women) participated. There were two Lawn Bowling events: Pairs and Singles - both events were Men vs. Men and Women vs. Women.

To compete in the Pairs competition, you needed to pair-up with someone in advance (pairs must be both men or both women).  There were three 8-end games, and each bowler delivered three bowls per end. The Singles competition was also three 8-end games, but with each bowler delivering four bowls per end.  The first two singles games were played over four days between April 17 and April 26.

Special thanks to Al DeSantis, who was the club's 2023 Village Games coordinator, for representing the club and organizing the games.

Men's Pairs Winners

Gold: Ted Calcaterra & Giacamo Giacalone,
Silver: Al DeSantis & Richard Masin
Bronze: Chris Keys & Steve Narmontas

Women's Pairs Winners

Gold: Joan Narmontas & Candace Tysdal
Silver: Carla Vigos & Sue Woods
Bronze: Stephanie Colantoni Louise Doslu

Men's Singles Winners

Gold: Chris Keyes
Silver: Al DeSantis
Bronze: Frank DelPonte

Women's Singles Winners

Gold: Carla Vigos
Silver: Joan Narmontas
Bronze: Candace Tysdal

Men's Pairs Winners L to R: Al Desantis, Richard Masin, Giacamo Giacalone, Chris Keyes, Ted Calcaterra, Steve Narmontas

Women's Pairs Winners L to R: Louise Doslu, Stephanie Colantoni, Carla Vigos, Sue Woods, Candace Tysdal, Joan Narmontas

Singles Medalists Rear L to R: Al DeSantis, Chris Keyes, Candace Tysdal
Front L to R: Frank DelPonte, Carla Vigos, Joan Narmontas