Bowbeer Tournament Saturday February 18

More than 50 members and their guests participated in the 7th Annual Bowbeer Memorial Tournament and Lunch on Saturday February 18.  The event is held in memory of Wayne and Marilyn Bowbeer, longtime club members and parents of past club president and current board member Doug Bowbeer. 

The fun competition had one 10-end blind draw game.  Contest winners were selected based on the number of points each team won by, and also the number of ends won in the game.  The team of Rene Mathieu, Joan Narmontas and Mari Mitchell tied the team of Floyd Casjens, Steve Narmontas, Pat Bettendorf, sharing the first and second place honors.  The team of Steve Duckworth, Clyde Cicotte, and Frank Searle took third place.

L to R: Rene Mathieu, Joan Narmontas
Mari Mitchell

L to R: Floyd Casjens, Steve Narmontas,
Pat Bettendorf

L to R: Clyde Cicotte, Frank Searle
(Steve Duckworth not pictured)